28 July 2021
1.3 million Clubhouse users' information was stolen

1.3 million Clubhouse users’ information was stolen

Social media platforms have had a bad week in terms of data leaks. LinkedIn and Facebookafter Clubhouse users were also subjected to data breaches. Clubhouse, one of the most popular voice chat applications, 1.3 million The personal data of the user was leaked.

The data of Facebook and LinkedIn platforms were available for sale on the internet. Now, according to the Cybernews news, 1.3 million Clubhouse users are informed. free as shared on the internet.

What data are leaked from Clubhouse users?

While the profile information of the users is encountered in the stolen data, Credit card information No sensitive data such as. No statement has yet been made from the company as to whether the user data is correct and whether there are any violations in Clubhouse’s systems.

Allegedly, the leaked data of Clubhouse users are:

-User ID


Photo URL

-User name

-Twitter username

-Instagram handle

Number of followers

-The number of people followed by the user

-Accounting date

-Profile name inviting users


The personal data of 1.3 million users of Clubhouse, one of the most popular voice chat applications, were leaked.

Social media platforms cannot ensure the security of personal data

If you suspect that your Clubhouse user information may have been leaked, please note the following. Watch out for suspicious Clubhouse messages and connection requests from strangers. Change the password for your Clubhouse account. Enable two-factor authentication for all your accounts.

This week 533 millionmore than Facebook The personal information of the user was published for free. 20 millionclose to Turkish user also contained within the leaked information. After Facebook 500 million LinkedIn users data was also stolen. Not all the stolen data was published, but 2 million The data of the user was published for proof.

Social media application that we can only attend by invitation Mart 2020It was launched in. It turned into a popular platform in a very short time and reached millions of users. Twitter had recently made attempts to purchase the Clubhouse. Twitter, to buy the company allegedly 4 billion dollars offered.

So do you trust social media platforms for data privacy? We welcome your ideas in the comments.

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