23 July 2021
10 things you should know about Kingdom Hearts: Axel

10 things you should know about Kingdom Hearts: Axel

Kingdom Hearts, Axel He had many great characters in the series, including. Disney and Square Enix As a result of the collaboration, characters that attracted actors emerged.

The Axel character has become one of the prominent personalities throughout the series. Therefore, new players are curious about the character’s background. We have compiled what you need to know to eliminate this curiosity. Here are 10 things players should know about Axel.

All-around Axel character

He grew up in the Radiant Garden

Axel when I was young Lea and is one of the most important worlds of the series. Radiant GardenHe lived in. Kairi, Ansem, Leon and Aerith Many original and Final Fantasy characters came to life here. But Lea didn’t know them that well. He spent most of his time with his best friend, Jesus.

He and Isa found subject X

Lea and Isa often Radiant GardenThey would try to sneak into the Hollow Bastion castle in London. When they finally got in, they encountered a mysterious girl on which they were being experimented. It was unknown who he was. Only subject was known as X. Many fans are his Union X’ten Debt thinks it is. Lea and Isa were determined to save him, and the king of the Radiant Garden Ansem the Wisethey became apprentices of the company. However, he had disappeared and the two had not seen him in 10 years.

Became a member of Organization XIII

Ansemone of the other apprentices of Xehanort after betraying their leader Organization of XIII founded. All of Ansem’s apprentices joined the group, including Lea and Isa. So he got a new name by adding an X that changed the letters of the original names and turned Lea into Axel.

He and SaixHe knew that to find out what happened to Subject X, they had to play their role well for a very long time.

Introduced as an antagonist

Kingdom Hearts Axel

Kingdom Hearts Axel

Chain of Memories, It was the first game that Axel appeared in. This game is a direct continuation of the original series. Sora, Donald and Goofy traveled to Castle Oblivion, the organization’s second base, and Axel encountered some members of the group, including one. The organization fought the trio of heroes, so Axel looked like an enemy.

Defeated the traitors in the organization

Castle OblivionOther members of the organization that went to Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Zexion ve Lexaeus‘was. Axel learned that there were traitors among them. Those who are planning to betray the group are only Marluxia and Larxene though, Axel was the only one to return. To fool Marluxia and Larxene, he pretended to be with them. He burned Vexen alive. He also made Riku Replica beat Zexion. Lexaeus real Riku was eaten by and Sora, Donald ve Goofy so he defeated the traitors.

The two best friends became Roxas and Xion

Roxas ve Xion. Axel how many Oblivion CastleHe joined the organization before going to. He got to know Roxas for a while, but the three of them started hanging out every day after Axel’s return. After completing the daily tasks sent by the organization In Twilight Town they would meet and eat ice cream together. But, Roxas and Xion , Soraand needed them to be whole. When they returned to him, he and Axel lost their friends.

Began to realize that she has a heart

All members of the organization were made to believe they had no hearts. However, this Xemnasof them XehanortIt was a lie he told to turn it into. That was his original purpose.

Keyblade became an advocate

Sora and Riku‘now Mastery Mark After his exam was over, Master Yen told Sid that Axel would catch up immediately. He showed them that he can now also use a key blade. However, he still had a lot to learn and had difficulty using the sword. That’s why he didn’t use the sword until the end of the game. It has since evolved, but lacked as much talent as most of his friends.

Worked with kairi

Axel and Kairi When they first met, they could not get along. He treated him very badly. When he learned that he had changed, he was surprised. However, as Kairi is also one of those using the newer keyblade, Master Yen Sid, Merlin sent for training together with. During this time, they became even more connected and close friends while still feeling bad for what they did.

Reunited with his friends

Kingdom Hearts IIIün finally Axel and new friends, Organization XIII ‘fought against. During this war, what fans have been wanting for years and finally excited to see Roxas and Xion is back. Feeling abandoned after being defeated and admitting to being jealous of Axel for making new friends SaixThey have to fight against. If the fans are now Everyone X ‘hope you find i.

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