28 July 2021
100 million dollar competition from Elon Musk

100 million dollar competition from Elon Musk

In addition to his entrepreneurial personality, sending cars into space and MarsHaving crazy ideas like bombing Elon Musk, He has set himself a new goal. The crazy billionaire, who wanted to save the planet, decided to hold a contest.

The competition will aim to solve the climate crisis. Musk as a reward to the person or team who will save the planet by presenting the best idea. 100 million dollars will give.

Elon Musk explained the details of the competition

Tesla and SpaceX CEO‘The competition, funded by water, is a non-profit organization XPRIZE Foundation to be arranged by. Founded in 1994, the foundation has long supported studies in the fields of space, oceans, learning, health, energy, environment, transportation, security and robotics.

Elon Musk

XPRIZE Foundation, It will evaluate technologies created to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and safely store this carbon at an affordable cost. The most efficient and applicable project at the end of the evaluation, innovation will be the winner of the award. In addition, Elon Musk is the winner of the award and who managed to solve one of the biggest problems of the planet. a colossal prize will be given.

The competition, which started on April 22, 4 years will last. In order to win the competitors who participate as an individual or as a team, daily 1 ton It needs to develop technology that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Elon Musk and XPRIZE, Thanks to this competition, he wants to lay the foundations of the technology that will take 10 gigatons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by 2050.

The conditions demanded from the competitors who develop the idea of ​​storing instead of removing carbon dioxide are different. People who will compete in this field are asked to develop a project that will store thousands of tons of carbon dioxide for a hundred years.

50 million dollars for the winner of the competition

Awards will be progressive to winners and promising. Your first prize 20 million dollarsı will be distributed for the financing of projects and for incentives. When the competition ends in 2025, the winner of the project 50 million dollars will win. second 20 millionthe third is complete 10 million dollars will achieve.

Although these projects are very useful, we may be too late. Experts approaching the event pessimistically say that every project developed is important, but hundreds of projects of similar scales are needed to stop global warming.

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