30 July 2021
100 percent electric Honda E review and test drive

100 percent electric Honda E review and test drive

Hakkı Alkan, founder of ShiftDelete.Net, was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show. Honda E review and test drive He did it with Mustafa Akan (Mus-Car). Not yet taken out of the vehicle Muse-C to Turkey and tested Europe’s first series production vehicle batteries.

Honda E, which holds the title of the first Honda model produced as 100 percent electric, stands out with its technological features. Although there are points that resemble old cars in its design, Honda E electronic has many components. As the biggest detail, the big screen that provides control of the car shows itself.

Honda E review and test drive

The Honda E, which is presented to the car enthusiasts in 2 different packages, is divided into two with a 16-inch and 17-inch Advanced screen. The car, which has different headlights from the usual headlight design, uses electronic mirrors. However, door handles also attract attention with their technological and ergonomic structure. Users can easily enter and exit the car with the automatic door.

There is an application for smartphones to use the features of the car. Thanks to this application, the car can be unlocked with NFC connection. While it is also possible to remotely heat and cool the car, it can also be positioned. Again, the battery status of the car can be examined through the application. There is a section on the front cover for charging the car.

Apart from the car’s own application, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be used. The car, which has a socket and HDMI input, offers a hidden cup holder, wood coating, light control with the rear seat and USB input to the passengers.

The car, which has a small trunk, has a sporty look, while the windshield provides a wide viewing angle. The model, which has a huge screen, has a striking fish-fed screen saver.

Honda E review and test drive

Looking at the compact proportions of the Honda E, another important detail can be seen. The low to the ground and muscular stance, indicating a sporty drive, shows itself. There is also a blue illuminated Honda logo on the car. This logo on both the front and rear is thought to be a distinctive feature of future electric cars.

You can watch the Honda E review and test drive video below.

As a technological detail, there are interactive messages displayed between the headlights and taillights of the Honda E. The automobile can express what it thinks thanks to these messages. In addition, greetings, charging status and even recommendations for other passengers on the road can be shown.

Honda E specifications

Looking at the technical specifications of the car, 154 horsepower and 315 Nm of torque information can be seen. Honda E, which can accelerate from 0 to 100 km in 8.3 seconds, has a range of 220 km. The car, which is charged from 17 percent to 80 percent in 31 minutes with the CCS type 50 kW charger, can be charged from 17 percent to 100 percent in 4 hours with the wall-mounted charger. Charging the Honda E with an iPhone socket takes about 10 hours.

Honda E’s competitors include Renault Zoe, BMW i3 and MINI Electric. It is known that the car will go on sale in Europe with 27 thousand pounds. However, Turkey does not have any information about the price. As it is known, an excise tax increase was applied for electric cars in a short time.

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