30 July 2021
11th generation Intel Core processors release date leaked

11th generation Intel Core processors release date leaked

With the attack of AMD in recent years in the desktop processor market falling back Intelis planning to recover from the bad trend. More with 11th generation Intel Core processors to the game side wants to focus on the American silicon manufacturer, its main output in September will be introduced Alder Lake-S wants to do it with series. Long discussed 11th generation Intel processors release date was also leaked.

Rocket Lake-S family, LGA 1200 socket will be the last member.

11th generation Intel processors release date has been announced

WccftechAccording to the exclusive news of 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake-S processors On 30 March will be available. From 14 nm production passing processors, LGA 1200 Comes with socket. Single core side double digit Rocket Lake-S family, which will experience an increase, with almost 10th generation processors at the same price will be available. AMD Ryzen 5000 series Processors that will struggle with may strengthen Intel’s hand by September.

Another information leaked apart from the release date of 11th generation Intel processors is pre order about. Two weeks before departure, On March 16 processors will open for pre-order specified. American manufacturer, until March 16 to product information imposed an embargo. In performance tests embargo It was stated that it was until March 30.

In new processors due to problems in chip production stock problem There is a possibility of it happening. However, it is not expected that there will be very high demand in the first place. Due to stock problems From the Ryzen 5000 series consumers who cannot buy a processor, to the blue team can also be directed.

i9-11900K, single core side rival Ryzen 5950Xaverage from between 5 and 10 percent more strong. While there are big differences on the multi-core side, with Intel’s Rocket Lake-S family to game performance is known to focus.

Are you planning to buy a processor from the new Rocket Lake-S family?

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