18 April 2021
12th generation Intel mobile processors leaked: 16 cores

12th generation Intel mobile processors leaked: 16 cores

AMD’nin With Ryzen processors increase competition, desktop market It didn’t work out very well for Intel. Red team, in the desktop processor market the blue team has passed. Same situation also in the mobile market Intel who does not want to live, 12th generation mobile processors is in pursuit of an early response to AMD. According to the leaked information, Alder Lake mobile processors To 16 cores it turns up.

Intel, which will switch to hybrid design with the 12th generation, Arm based processors referencing.

12th generation Intel mobile processors emerged

AMD’s in the market aggressive core policyhas worked for end users. Intel, which does not want to fall behind its competitor, has to in core count went up. As a result of the competition between the two companies, 8 core processors we can see. With Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake processors to hybrid design will cause a significant increase in the number of seeds.

Intel will already be introducing at the end of this month. Tiger Lake on mobile processors will go to core increase. According to the leaks that occur i5 6 in the series, i7 8 cores will be used in the base version. However, the American manufacturer, who is not satisfied with this, 12th generation Intel mobile processors will go up again with the core increase. Besides the increase in the number of cores 3 different processor groups The future is stated.

Alder Lake ile to hybrid design last Intel, here two different cores prefer type. One of them performance, the other is power saving core. While performance cores support hyperthreading, savings cores do not.

Alder Lake processors are basically 3 categories Intel divided the categories into groups. M5 and U9 categories, Designed for tablets and ultra-thin computers. M5 group 1 large kernel and four savings have the core. U9 group is at the top 2 large cores and To 8 savings cores owner.

Alder Lake P series is U15, U28, and H45 It is divided into three groups. To TDP values different processors, at the top 14 core has a structure. I7 and i9 series of them 6 large cores and With 8 savings cores is coming.

Another category that comes with 12th generation Intel mobile processors is S-BGA is happening. 45-55W TDP to These processors with value, internal graphics unit lags behind on the side. Therefore, the new series on player computers it is very likely to be used. Processors in this category are 8 large cores and 8 savings cores comes with. H45 category to i5 series There is no exact information about whether he will have it or not.

  • M -> M5: 5 cores / 6 threads – U9: 10 cores / 12 threads
  • P -> U15: 10 cores / 12 threads – U28: 14 cores / 20 threads – H45: 14 cores / 20 threads
  • S-BGA -> H55: 16 cores / 24 tracks

Alder Lake mobile processors in September is expected to be introduced.

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