22 April 2021
16 minutes of sound recorded on Mars: Too loud!

16 minutes of sound recorded on Mars: Too loud!

NASA, 7 Mart‘ta Craters Lakein the navigator 90 meters driver’s entrance and landing (EDL) posted an audio recording recorded with his microphone. SIn the escort record, the wheels of the traveler, made by the mobility system, with bangs and squeaks together, it is heard to crack as it moves across the surface of the red planet. In this context, it is stated that Perseverance makes a lot of noise while navigating the Martian terrain.

The audio consists of 16 minutes of original unfiltered recording

According to Vandi Verma, a senior engineer and rover driver at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory: “Many people who see the pictures don’t appreciate the metal wheels. When driving with these wheels on rocks, it actually gets very loud” said.

Dave Gruel, chief engineer of the EDL system, evaluates the voyage’s voice as follows; “It is so loud that if you hear these sounds while driving, you will pull over and call a tow truck.”

Original and unfiltered 16 minute recordingIt includes a high-pitched scratching sound as well as the traveler’s driving sounds. While Perseverance’s engineering team is still trying to figure out where high-pitched scratching comes from, they have already identified several possibilities.

As a result of these detections, the scratching sound may have been caused by the mobility system. Or it may be caused by electromagnetic interference from one of the navigator’s electronics boxes. However NASAfiltering some of the sound 90 seconds a version also published.

The Perseverance rover continues to give us the first sounds recorded on Mars. In addition to the driving sound, a microphone that is part of the SuperCam also recorded the sound of the Martian winds.

Paying attention to the topic“We visually feel the differences between Earth and Mars. But the sound is a completely different dimension. Sound allows us to see the differences between Earth and Mars and to experience this environment more closely. “

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