19 April 2021
2021 model OnePlus Nord leaked with new images

2021 model OnePlus Nord leaked with new images

One of the leading names in the smartphone market OnePlus, last year new North started the series. These phones, which have budget-friendly prices, have managed to attract attention with their designs. Now a new member comes to the beloved family.

2021 model OnePlus Nord Clarified

Previously we only received news in abstract OnePlus North, Now it has begun to come to light with concrete visuals. Last year OnePlus, North N10 and N100 He had demonstrated his skills with his models. These phones, which gained popularity in a short time, made great contributions to the company in financial terms. The company that achieved success in this series is now the 2021 model. North rolled up his sleeves for Voice platform revealed the expected device.

OnePlus North

First images from 2021 model OnePlus Nord

According to the picture above OnePlus North 2021, It will again be positioned in the middle segment and have an affordable price. Previous generation as design North N10 Inspired by the model, this phone can also be used as a rear camera array. N10 It will show similarity with. However, naming issues remain uncertain.

On the front, OnePlus’s new budget-friendly phone will come with a perforated screen design that we are familiar with before, according to leaked information. This hole, located in the upper left corner, will also host the selfie camera.

OnePlus North

New render image of 2021 model OnePlus Nord

2021 model Nord as a technical feature, Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 will be powered by the processor. In addition 6GB RAM and With 128GB internal memory will also support. Unfortunately, there is not much information in terms of optics. However, according to the leak, the device 64 megapixels will have a main camera. Finally on the screen 90Hz refresh have the speed LCD panel It is said to come with.

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