28 July 2021
2022 BMW 4 Series spotted during testing

2022 BMW 4 Series spotted during testing

The new member of the BMW 4 family, which many users liked in terms of both performance and design, was caught in the cameras. 2022 BMW 4 Series At the Nürburgring track displayed during testing.

2022 BMW 4 Series spotted at Nürburgring circuit

M440i Established in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts with its model, BMW continues to work for 2022 model vehicles without slowing down.

2022 BMW 4 Series, which attracts attention with its performance, was shown

The company started test drives with the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe model. Although it is covered in camouflage, the new design was liked by many users.

On the front grille There are also small touches in the headlights of the modlin, which attracts attention with the changes made. At the rear of the vehicle, the change in the exhaust design is striking.

In the shared video, it can be clearly seen that the cornering abilities of the vehicle have improved compared to the old model. It is thought that the BMW 4 family, which exceedingly meets the expectations in terms of performance, will mark its signature in 2022 with both its design and capabilities.

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