30 July 2021
2022 Mercedes C series draws attention with its technologies

2022 Mercedes C series draws attention with its technologies

Mercedes C family is the most preferred with over 10 million sales to date. D segments Known as one of the models. Attracting attention with its make-up design and features 2022 Mercedes C series introduced today.

Artificial intelligence and IoT supported 2022 Mercedes C series introduced!

The new Mercedes C series, which was admired by many users with its renewed design, is now inspired by the E and S families. to the rear light design owner. The new model, which stands out with its similarity to the E series at the front, 65 cm longer. Also width Increased by 10 cm and the ceiling is lowered compared to the old model, the model comes out with a more sporty design.

2022 Mercedes C-Series introduced

For the USA market 18 and 19 inches with rim options, for Europe only 17 inches will be launched with rims. Enabling communication with other tools With the IoT system Emerges.

Artificial intelligence supported driving support system The new Mercedes C series, which appeared with us, managed to win the appreciation of the users in interior design. Instead of the traditional dial, we are used to the S and E series LCD instrument panel takes place. New model, 10.25 inch and 12.3 inch It has two different instrument panel options.

2022 in the Mercedes C family 9.5 inch and 11.9 inch There are two different multimedia screens. Also new generation MBUX multimedia system Equipped with, the model can be controlled both by voice and touch.

C180, C200 and C300 in the 2022 Mercedes C family, which has both diesel and gasoline versions of its models. C300e named plug-in hibrit version is also included.

The US starting price of the model whose price information is not yet known in our country $ 43,000 was determined.

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