1 August 2021
22 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass library

22 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass library

PC’well and on the console the most economical way to access games Xbox Game Pass, continues to improve. The service, which entered our lives in 2017, is becoming more attractive for players with new productions. Microsoft, Finally, 22 new games Game Pass announced that it will be included in the library.

22 new games will be added on the day they are released

Last night Twitch The company, which made a live broadcast on it, made a presentation about independent games. According to this, 22 indie gameswill be added to the service from the day it is released. The list of games shown in the presentation is as follows:

  • Art of the Rally (Konsol – 2021)
  • Astria Ascending (Konsol – 2021)
  • Backbone (Console)
  • Boyfriend Dungeon (Konsol ve PC)
  • Craftopia (Console and PC)
  • Dead Static Drive (Konsol ve PC)
  • Edge of Eternity (Konsol – 2021)
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (Konsol)
  • Library of Ruina (Konsol)
  • Little Witch in the Woods (Konsol)
  • Moonglow Bay (Konsol)
  • Narita Boy (Konsol)
  • Nobody Saves the World (Konsol)
  • Omno (Console – Summer 2021)
  • Recompile (Console and PC – 2021)
  • Sable (Console and PC)
  • She Dreams Elsewhere (Konsol ve PC)
  • STALKER 2 (Console)
  • The Ascent (Konsol ve PC)
  • Undungeon (Console and PC)
  • Way to the Woods (Konsol)
  • The Wild at Heart (Konsol)

Xbox Game Pass nedir?

Microsoft The service offered by allows users to access a large library of games for a monthly fee. Your games NetflixThe system described as ‘i’ offers very attractive opportunities especially for those with low purchasing power. Xbox Game Pass Users who want to buy the subscription must purchase one of the three packages offered according to their platform. Both console and PCFor players who want to use it, instead of two different packages UltimateIt is enough to take.

Same time Ultimate users who purchased the package, SHE Play‘has the ede. Electronic Arts This service offered by Jedi Fallen Order, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield and Titanfall It includes popular games such as. Separately EA Play players who want to buy, 29 TL needs to pay


Current Xbox Game Pass subscription prices offered in our country.

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