5 August 2021
31 million TL was confiscated in Thodex profiteering

31 million TL was confiscated in Thodex profiteering

Domestic cryptocurrency exchange Thodex The news about it is not interrupted. Inability of users to access their money and CEO’nun After fleeing abroad, the authorities took action.

Finally, a statement came from the Ministry of Interior. Speaking on the issue, the Minister of Internal Affairs Suleyman Soylu, ThodexFounder and Manager of Faruk Fatih Ozerin banks 31 million he said his lira was confiscated.

31 million lira found in three different banks

Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, At a meeting attended today, journalists Thodex answered his questions about the scandal. Noble, “We don’t know how much it costs right now, but we are facing an event here. As the days go by, we will see what the effects of this are. Of course, as soon as this incident was heard, the necessary legal and precautionary measures were taken. ” said.


By order of the prosecutor 78 persons stating that a detention order was issued against him Noble, between them 62 that the person is caught told. Faruk Fatih Ozer also talking about Minister, “Shah he had confiscated 31 million pounds in banks in Turkey. made the explanation

Thodex, the biggest cryptocurrency scandal of recent years

Turkey’s first global licensed known as crypto-currency exchange Thodex, recently came up with one of the biggest crypto money scandals in history. The platform, which first stopped depositing and withdrawing transactions, closed the website completely as of April 21. CEO immediately after Faruk Fatih OzerIt turned out that with some money, he fled abroad.

Made a statement on April 22 Faruk Fatih Ozer, He said the allegations were unfounded and the news that he had fled with a $ 2 billion dollar bill did not reflect the truth. However, this statement was not enough for customers and officials. International Police Service (Interpol), Following a request from Turkey Thodex CEO‘issued a red notice for water. Özer, who was found to be within the borders of Albania, is expected to be captured and extradited.

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