30 July 2021
3D printer solution to spare parts problem from Zaxe

3D printer solution to spare parts problem from Zaxe

worldwide Covid-19 transmitted to 100 million peopleThe biggest negative impact of Turkey after human health was felt in the field of economy. Trillions of dollars in losses have occurred in the global economy. In the beginning of 2020, due to the disease affecting the whole world in two months, Germany, USA, Japan, France and Italy, which realized close to 70 percent of the world’s total production, leading the industry, especially China, the largest product and spare parts manufacturer. factories stopped.

Born original product manufacturing nor spare parts production could be realized. Turkey also due to the closure of the factory at the same time with the world of cars, 2nd hand in excess of 100 percent hike in car prices in the country have experienced. On the other hand, recorded price increases of 150 percent in the price of finding spare parts manufactured abroad, the price of a car steering wheel sold in Turkey, was synchronized with the price of a car in Europe.

Again, because of the lack of spare parts, mobile phones were charged significantly. Today, due to the shortage of supply in the world’s leading countries, it has been announced that it will take a long time to apply the vaccine, which is made only to healthcare workers and the elderly, to the production world. At the same time, with the faster spread of the virus, which has multiple mutations, and the interruption of production by factories around the world is also among the leading items on the agenda.

The Million Dollar Factory is Waiting for the $ 100 Track

On the one hand, the spread of Covid-19 accelerated, on the other hand, companies began to announce their decisions to continue their production remotely. After Google, which employs more than 30 thousand in Turkey, Koç Holding due Covidien-19 necessitated by the increasing technological possibilities for remote working models announced they make constantly.

With the increasing automation and remote control possibilities in the factories, production will continue. The biggest problem here is; overseas it has borne more than 90 percent of factories and instruments of production in Turkey bands. The robots and machines in these production lines, whose purchase costs are measured in millions of dollars, are important enough to break or break a plastic part of the machines worth 100 dollars, which will disrupt the entire production process.

Before Covid-19, factories that requested spare parts for production from their manufacturers and stocked them, today are in a difficult situation due to the 8 and 10-month waiting lists of foreign manufacturers. While the loss of not being able to unload a single car from the tape due to the cessation of production in an automobile factory amounts to 10 thousand Euros, the damage to their households every day when factories stop production, according to the product range and quality, exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Production Failure Challenges the Industrialist

The spare parts shortage experienced worldwide with the effect of Covid-19 is forcing the industrialist. Turkish industrialists, who receive orders in many fields, especially textiles, due to the interruption of production in China and the USA, cannot fulfill their production due to the failure to supply parts on time, and they are under serious financial obligations.

3D printers were the saviors of the facilities that do not economically tolerate stopping production due to production costs, stock expenses, energy, transportation, human resources and fluctuations in exchange rates. X1, X2, X1 +, Z1, Z1 + 3D printers, which are produced with domestic facilities such as Zaxe and are ahead of their foreign counterparts in terms of quality, price and performance, are the biggest supporter of the Turkish industry in the Covid-19 days.

No Need to Wait for Months

Zaxe General Manager Emre Akıncı said that the 3D printer industry is an indispensable savior for the continuity and profitability of industrial production. Akıncı gave the following information: “Today, in a white goods factory, in a press machine that prints aluminum molds worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if a piece of 150 dollars is damaged, the factory will have to suspend production when there is no product to be assembled.

Orders on that day will not be delivered, stock areas will change, and new plans will have to be made for transportation. Wherever you look, the damage of a piece of 150 dollars to the factory will reach 150 thousand dollars. Factory managers used to stockpile some critical parts. But with Covid-19, the production chain was disrupted. Today, let alone spare parts that are essential for a factory, it is not possible to arrive quickly from China or America, even if you pay for the necessary parts for your motorcycle or car without waiting in line for months. Therefore, today giant factories are the indispensable products of SMEs, 3D printers. There is no such easy and comfortable method as loading the desired part on the computer and obtaining it in a short time, one in 10 or even 20 of the cost. “

We Are With Our Country

Explaining that scientists have not yet revealed a clear development about the course of Covid-19, Emre Akıncı said, “Therefore, we know that the mutated virus is transmitted faster. Maybe if we hope to get rid of this virus, but if an option such as stopping production in Europe, China and the USA comes to the fore in the coming days, it is possible that the expected process for spare parts will be further extended. Then it will suffer the loss of production facilities in Turkey. Today, dozens of large factories and manufacturing facilities have Zaxe 3D printers. It ensures continuous production by pressing the desired spare part when necessary. Our goal is to continue helping our country’s economy grow. While doing this, to make a difference with our locally produced products developed by local engineers ”.

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