30 July 2021
5 BluTV content that makes you forget time

5 BluTV content that makes you forget time

Due to the epidemic, many people digital content platforms evaluates with. Prominent among these platforms BluTV also has a rich content library. ShiftDelete.Net editor Sevde Sivri, among the productions on the platform 5 recommendations gave.

In addition, details such as BluTV membership options and what the platform offers to its users are included in the video.

5 prominent content among BluTV content

First from domestic digital content platforms one of BluTV’de There are many domestic and foreign productions. From this rich library With 5 content recommendations we are here. You can see the details of the content that you can enjoy in the video.

Click for BluTV subscription

BluTV content does not only focus on TV series, movies and documentaries. Also located on the platform S Sport and S Sport 2 With its channels, users also have access to a large number of sports content. Prime Minister Lig, Bundesliga, NBA, Formula 1 and UFC You can reach many popular sports organizations on BluTV.

On the other hand, BluTV membership options include monthly and annual to option takes place. In subscription without commitment monthly fee 19.90 TL while the fee for annual membership is per month 9.90 TL. If the contents on BluTV are of interest to you, you can choose one of these options and subscribe.

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