23 July 2021
79 thousand Days Gone fans took action

79 thousand Days Gone fans took action

In the past weeks Days Gone The director asked fans to buy the game so that the sequel could arrive. Some fans did not find this statement correct because Days Gone is considered successful among games of its genre. Fans reacted to the director in this regard as well. The Days Gone director indirectly uploaded the reason why the sequel could not be made to the actors.

79 thousand Days Gone fans collect signatures for the sequel

79 thousand Days Gone fans for the sequel Change.org collected signatures on it. The campaign, available on Change.org, started after it was stated that the sequel was not going to take place. Sony has announced that due to the lengthy development process of the first game, Days Gone will not be a sequel. Fans also took action after this statement. Until today 79 thousand signatures collected and every minute the number is increasing.

“There are millions of people asking Sony Playstation to approve Days Gone 2,” said Kanhai Raval, who started the campaign. I want all fans to sign this petition ”. Days Gone‘a It is estimated to have sold over 5 million. Although the sales of the game seem well, it is not enough for the sequel. The starting point of the events started when the director of the game, John Garvin, said in a podcast, “Players who do not buy Days Gone at full price should not want a sequel. That’s why Kanhai Raval created a petition for Days Gone 2.

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