19 April 2021
8 Volkswagen Golf is now in Turkey!  Here is the selling price

8 Volkswagen Golf is now in Turkey! Here is the selling price

German automotive giant Volkswagen produced by Golf 8th generation, After a long wait was offered for sale in Turkey. Compact design car, Starting from 223.500 TL will be sold with a price tag.

It was announced to the market last year and in a short time Europe’s best selling car the one Volkswagen Golf 8 Turkey finally began to take the lead in the streets. Attracting attention with their renewed interior design and technological systems, the vehicles came out with higher prices compared to the previous generation due to the increased SCT increase.

What awaits us in Volkswagen Golf 8th generation?

In the new Golf 8 series, reminiscent of the old Volkswagen Golf family at first glance compact hatchback design It continues to appear. The length of the vehicle is 4284 millimeters While explaining as; your model width 1789 mm, height 1456 mm and wheelbase is 2636 mm It has been shared in the form.

In a much more digitalized model than before Innovision Cockpit The system named is used. Car driver with a size of 10.25 ″ electronic instrument panel and 8.25 ″ in size infotainment system meets.

A vehicle that offers a lot of practical features for drivers SKIN, WeConnect/WeConnect+, Cart2X, We Upgrade and mobile key It includes important details such as. Providing great comfort in terms of ergonomics, the car is much more an intuitive use provides the opportunity.

Volkswagen Golf 8

Since 1994, explaining that they operate in Turkey Gino Bottaro, General Manager of Volkswagen Passenger CarsSince the day the 8th generation Golf models went on sale That it sold more than 210 thousand explained. In addition to these words, Bottaro said:

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