1 August 2021
A free game surprise of 32 TL came from Steam: Steel Rats- ShiftDelete.Net

A free game surprise of 32 TL came from Steam: Steel Rats- ShiftDelete.Net

Epic Gamesto the free game campaign initiated during the pandemic period. Steam my platform is also trying to keep up. Epic GamesUnlike, the platform, which does not make announcements for free games, 2 Nisan-4 Nisan made another surprise between.

Free 32 TL game from Steam: Steel Rats

The world’s largest digital game library Steamcontinues to make small surprises to its users.

Steam by April 2 The game offered for free in history, today so 20.00 on the evening of April 4It can be obtained for free up to. If you add the game to your library during this time, you can play it for free for life. Game from this link by reaching To your Steam library you can add. If you do not have an account, you must first open a Steam account.

Steel Rats The game called is in 2-dimensional structure. In fact, although the game is 2-dimensional, it blends 3-dimensional character designs with a 2-dimensional image. In this sense, we can say that it has a 2.5-dimensional structure for the game graphics.

Subject of Steel Rats

It takes place in the game in the 1940s and in an alternative world. Alien invasion in the last game in the USA Coastal CityWe are trying to save. In the world occupied by the robot army, you join this war as a member of a four-man motorcycle gang.

Here Steel Rats its name is the name of this motorcycle gang. You can choose one of these four characters in the game. In the city, you have to overcome obstacles, arm yourself and continue on your way by crushing robots.

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The game, which is easy in terms of gameplay in the first chapters, gets very difficult as the chapters progress. In the game where the action does not stop, you have to overcome your opponents and continue on your way by overcoming obstacles. Each character has different abilities in the game. At the same time, the health level of each character is different.

Of the game SteamLet us remind you that it received both negative and negative votes. Steel Rats oyunu The negative comments that come to them are usually due to the difficulty of controlling.

Game, diesel punk It takes place in a world we can call. Dizelpunk is a science fiction genre that adopts an alternative world as the theme of which gasoline and its derivatives are difficult to find. The most important example of this genre is The Mad Max film series.

Although Steam lags behind in the free game campaign, it’s summer Total War 2: Shogun It also made important surprises such as. On the other hand, its biggest competitor is Epic, free game continues to attract attention with its campaigns.

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