18 April 2021
A hidden sensor found on HomePod Mini

A hidden sensor found on HomePod Mini

A stationary temperature and humidity sensor was found on the HomePod Mini that could be activated with a future software update. From Bloomberg Mark Gurman‘in reportaccording tocompany HomePod Mini has positioned the internal sensor to determine the temperature and humidity of a room.

According to the report, thermostats connected to the internet can adjust the temperature of a house according to the current conditions. The hardware can also be used for a ‌HomePod Mini, for example a turning the fan on or off will allow it to automatically trigger other actions, such as.

Sensor’s presence verified by iFixit

As you know, Apple releases major HomePod software updates annually, usually in the fall. In this context, it is currently unclear whether or when Apple will turn on the temperature sensor. But the sensor is already sold ‌HomePod MiniIts presence in ‌ units suggests that it is only a matter of time. In addition, it should be noted that an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the issue.

The presence of the sensor after an investigation by Bloomberg iFixit It has also been confirmed by. Sensor according to the information revealed 1.5 x 1.5 mm in size. The component is recessed on the lower edge of the plastic case of the “HomePod Mini” and next to the power cord.

The sensor analyzes the components inside electronics TechInsights‘according to “HDC2010 Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor” Made by Texas Instruments called. The part is placed relatively far from the main internal components of the device. In other words, it is stated that the sensor is designed to measure the external environment rather than the temperature of other electronic devices.

This is not the first time Apple has added an inactive component to a product and activated it via software at a later date. As Bloomberg points out, 2008‘of iPod Touchhad a Bluetooth chip on it. However, support for Bluetooth connectivity was enabled the following year via software.

If Apple decides to enable sensor on ‌HomePod Mini thermostats, lights, locks, sockets in the house and controlling other devices Homekit it could pave the way for a more integrated smart home strategy.

What do you think of the sensor secretly placed on HomePod Min by Apple? When do you think the company makes this sensor available? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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