4 August 2021
A new era begins in Apple Podcasts

A new era begins in Apple Podcasts

Apple is starting the subscription period for the Podcasts app. At yesterday’s spring event, the company ad-free, bonus like content extra benefits and early access announced that they can subscribe to the content in the application.

The new service announced is only for the next month In 170 countries will be available. Service iAmong the first partners Pushkin Industries, QCODE and NPR has.

Apple Podcasts will serve at $ 19.99 annually

In the new service, creators will need to pay Apple annually to offer subscriptions. $ 19.99 they will have to pay, and Apple will have to pay in the first year of a subscriber 30 percentfor the following years while buying flour 15 percentwill take your. This means that a podcaster’s income is only if the user subscribes for one year. 30 percent‘means he will give the flour to Apple. So Podcast publishers have to encourage subscribers to keep them in service longer.

Subscription content from podcast publishers RSS and hosting They will need to download via Apple’s services, not their provider. Normal feeds, however, still RSS can work through. Since subscription content goes through Apple, podcast broadcasters will also not be able to retrieve certain data about their paid listeners, such as their emails, names or contact details.

The channels part of the app is also being redesigned to help users find new content selected by their favorite creators. These channels, Apple Podcastsspecific artworks, titles and descriptions will contain. It will also be able to advertise some free content while some are paid.

2019a subscription-based podcast application released in LuminaryWill be Apple’s first channel partner. Company today, people Luminary besides the application Apple Podcasts‘made Luminary He also stated that they can subscribe to their shows.

Among other new features, there is a ” that allows listeners to automatically launch shows from the latest episode and shows serialized from the beginning of the series.Smart PlaybackThere is also a ”button. In addition, it should be noted that listeners can download for offline playback.

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