4 August 2021
Activision announces total sales of its Call of Duty series

Activision announces total sales of its Call of Duty series

First game released in 2003 Call of Duty series So far, we have come up with 17 main games in total. Action and war themed franchise, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Gray Matter Interactive, Spark Unlimited, Pi Studios and Amaze Entertainment It was developed by many companies such as.

In addition to stories fictionalized according to modern times, often II. world War the theme of Call of Duty The games have become one of the most popular series of its kind. Publisher company Activision He explained how many people the series has reached since 2003, which is the best-selling worldwide.

How many has the Call of Duty series sold in total?

ActivisionAccording to the report announced by Call of Duty The franchise series exceeded 400 million sales in total with 17 games. This indicates that it is the third best-selling game series of all time. In second place with 495 million Tetris while taking place; at number one is the legend of Nintendo Super Mario Passed 680 million sales lines.

Call of Duty series

The CoD series, which sells an average of more than 22 million copies each year, is the best-selling series in 2019 Modern Warfarepublished. Company with this game More than 30 million sales managed to do it. Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops gives 26 million passed the tape.

CoD: Warzone reaches 100 million users

Released last year CoD: Warzone exciting Battle Royale transferred his experience to the players for free. According to the statement made by Ativision this week, the popular game 100 million reached the user. The company thanked the players.

Call of Duty: Warzone 3. sezonu with the player will appear today. Players will also be narrative-based with the launch of the new season. Hunt for Adler It will also be able to reach a limited event named. The organization will include rewards such as completing tasks, weapon jewelery, and new operator skins. All events and updates in total 25 GB will have the file size.

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