28 July 2021
Advantages of Wi-Fi 6 technology in hospitals

Advantages of Wi-Fi 6 technology in hospitals

Wi-Fi 6 technology is one of the last points in network performance. Short name IEEE The 802.11ax standard, which was implemented by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-Electrical and Electronics Engineers, allows original device manufacturers to offer a wide range of new products in the global arena.

Devices using Wi-Fi 6 technology help organizations with complex infrastructures benefit. So how does this happen?

1- High network capacity with MU-MIMO technology

In networks where a large number of devices are connected, the multi-functionality feature becomes dull. While old networks have problems with connecting new devices, Wi-Fi 6 can overcome this problem. A Wi-Fi 6 router can communicate with eight devices at the same time. This feature is multi-user, multi-input and multi-output (MU-MIMO) technology. The network capacity offered by Wi-Fi 6 devices represents approximately four times that of Wi-Fi 5 technology.

Thousands of wireless devices are connected to the wireless internet network in large facilities in the health sector; As each Wi-Fi 6 access point can control more devices, it also improves the connection quality, thus increasing the quality of processes in the healthcare industry.

Seamless access to health records plays an important role in saving lives. Wi-Fi 6increases visitor satisfaction by enabling family members to share up-to-date health information.

2- Wide channels and data density advantage

Hospitals are generating an abnormal amount of data shared on wireless networks. While Wi-Fi 6 routers doubled the width of the channels where they distribute network traffic, numerically, this capacity increased from 80 Mhz to 160 Mhz.

Thus, videos, medical images, analytics and documents can be transferred much more successfully. Healthcare personnel do not experience delays thanks to cloud services that have slow connections and access problems. By the way 1024-QAM The so-called technology will increase data flow by 25% and strengthen real-time patient follow-up.

3- Longer battery life

Wi-Fi 6, Target Wake Time With the technology called (TWT), it enables devices to use their charging capacity better. Every device connected to the Wi-Fi 6 network periodically “wakes up” to share data and check its status within the network. If this process happens too often, the battery life of the devices will rapidly decrease.

TWT technology improves battery life performance by enabling mobile devices connected to the Wi-Fi 6 network to make better use of their sleep capabilities. At this stage, it becomes possible to use mobile devices, which are critical especially for hospital personnel, with higher performance.

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