4 August 2021
Air purifier with windows Froumann N90SDS review!

Air purifier with windows Froumann N90SDS review!

Froumann N90SDS Air Cleaner We are here with the review video. As technology is developing, household products also find a place in this field.

Froumann N90SDS Air Cleaner review

If you wish, let us leave you alone with our video without further ado. Have a good time.

Froumann N90 SDS, which performs effective air filtration in closed areas up to 600 cubic meters (200 square meters according to 3 meters ceiling height), comes ready to use without any system connection and no assembly required. Moreover, thanks to its modular nature, it has a portable feature.

Thanks to its multi-air filter, it can clean the air of its environment, all harmful viruses, bacteria, dust, chemical air pollutants and unpleasant odors.

Thanks to the H14 HEPA filter, it retains all particles 0.3 micron and larger with an efficiency of 99.97 percent. With the Active Carbon Filter, it can reduce odors and gaseous pollutants in the ambient air by 99 percent.

Froumann N90SDS general features

Maximum Usage Area: 600 m3 – 200 m2 (according to 3m ceiling height)
CADR (Particle – pm2,5): 845cfm
CADR (Cigarette Smoke): 1389cfm
Weight: 111 kg
Size: 580 x 580 x 1650 mm
Smart Display: Where
SARS CoV-2 Removal Report: Where
Ecarf Certificate: Where
Patent / Utility Model: Where
Filters Used: F8 Particulate Filter + Active Carbon Filter + HEPA14 Filter

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