30 July 2021
Akbank eliminates wet signature requirement

Akbank eliminates wet signature requirement

all with the beginning of the remote client is the application of Turkey Akbank are invited to Akbank General Manager Hakan Binbaşgil Strategy, Digital Banking and Payment Systems Zodiac Vice President Civelek Almighty and found in the Technology and Operations Deputy Director General Ilker Altintas subject to explanation.

“It is now possible to be a member of Akbank without having to come to our branches, from mobile, instantly, whenever and wherever you want, without paper or wet signature.”

Underlining that the start of a new era in banking Akbank General Manager Hakan Binbaşgil “Turkey has long been the vision of becoming the leading banks, Akbank will move into the future we are taking a holistic digital transformation strategy to life.

While pioneering change and meeting the rapidly changing behavior and expectations of our customers, we strive to present the banking of the future today. The pandemic period we went through was also a period of great changes. In particular, we have observed in a concrete way that digital services stand out much more. The process of becoming a remote customer, which is expected to start as of March 1, will also support this trend and start a new era in the sector.

As a bank that offers experience-oriented, simple and simple services at all customer interaction points, we are ready to provide excellent service in remote customer acquisition. Those who want to benefit from our services will be able to download our application, Akbank Mobile, which has international design awards, to their mobile devices, and be able to become a paperless, unsigned Akbank member from wherever and whenever they want, within minutes, without coming to our branches. They will have instant access to our essential banking products they need. We invite all Akbank Turkey to be. “

“While pioneering this new era with our digital banking services, we will also make a significant contribution to financial inclusion in our country”

“We have between deposit banks in Turkey is one of the leading banks providing long-term targets. Within the framework of these concrete goals, we consider sustainability in a wide scope including sustainable finance, human and society, ecosystem management and climate change. In this context, we also see digital banking as an important tool to rapidly improve financial inclusion. We will develop and expand the digital and innovative products and services we offer to our customers. We believe this new era will have a significant impact on achieving our goals. As the first Turkish bank to be awarded the title of “The Best Bank in Emerging Markets” by Euromoney, we are ready to pioneer this new era. “

“Many advantages will be offered to those with Akbank from mobile throughout the year”

Pointing out that the banks offering the best experience will stand out in this new period, Akbank Strategy, Digital Banking and Payment Systems Deputy General Manager Burcu Civelek Yüce said, “With the process of becoming an end-to-end customer, a new era will begin in our industry.

Thanks to this new legal regulation, users will be able to become Akbank customers within minutes by downloading Akbank Mobile, entering their information and making a short video call. Those who download Akbank Mobile to become our customers will be able to make their demand deposit account, debit card, loan and credit card applications instantly. Moreover, in approved credit and credit card applications, at the end of the process of becoming a customer, credit accounts will be deposited and credit cards will be available for use. In this way, users will be able to become Akbank customers from wherever and whenever they want with an extremely simple and fluent experience, while at the same time, they will also be able to acquire many essential banking products in a short time.

With this digital process from Akbank Mobile, we will offer advantages for those who are Akbank customers throughout the year. Those who are Akbank customers on mobile will be able to benefit from EFT / Money Transfer, over-limit withdrawal and common ATM transactions for 1 year. In addition, as of March 1, which is anticipated as the date of adaptation to the new legal regulation, a nice surprise will be waiting for those who are customers of Akbank Mobile, where they can gain new advantages with their daily habits.

“Akbank Mobile offers the best solution to all banking needs of our customers with more than 300 functions.”

“Today, with more than 300 functions in Akbank Mobile, we offer the best solution with an extremely holistic approach to the banking needs of our customers. There are powerful analytical models behind our application. In this way, we understand the needs of our customers and stand by them when needed with proactive solutions. With our smart search service, we ensure that they can easily access all the services they need.

At Akbank Mobile, we have implemented many innovative services for our customers in daily banking transactions such as money transfers and payments. For example, our customers can transfer money using five different methods, including QR codes and bluetooth technologies. They can register the recipients as if they were saved in the phone book, and thanks to our smart systems, they can see the money transfers we recommend based on historical data and complete their transactions within seconds. They can make product applications very quickly from Akbank Mobile, and they can access the information they need before the purchase decision thanks to the contents of the products and services. In addition, with the investment menu we launched last year, our customers can effectively use Akbank Mobile to evaluate their savings and investments.

In addition to all these, we continued to add intelligence to Akbank Mobile. Our chatbot, Akbank Assistant, works with artificial intelligence, where our customers can access financial transactions through the application and find answers to questions they are curious about. Capable of helping our customers with 165 transactions. He can complete 75 of them from beginning to end. Technically powerful chatbot with 80% understanding. In addition, our emphasis on experience and design is also reflected in our chatbot. We designed the Akbank Assistant experience from scratch with an international agency. We studied his character, dialogues and the experience of our customers to the finest detail. Thanks to Akbank Assistant, our customers will not feel alone in Akbank Mobile. “

“It is now possible to be an Akbank customer safely from anywhere, remotely, with NFC, OCR, biometric controls and video call steps.”

Stating that the works for the new period have started much earlier and the technological preparations have been completed, Akbank Technology and Operations Deputy General Manager İlker Altıntaş said, “As Akbank, our digitalization vision, our strong technological infrastructure, our applications that we constantly develop with the most up-to-date and new technologies, our modern data center and communication infrastructure, and we are ready for this new era with our experienced teams.

We have designed our process, which we designed using advanced technologies for remote customer acquisition, from start to finish with OCR (Automatic Character Recognition), NFC (Close Distance Communication), biometric controls and video call steps; We designed it as a single complementary, cross-confirmation session. In the process that will proceed through our mobile application, we will perform all verification of our customer’s identity using OCR and NFC technologies.

We will make use of advanced crypto techniques and authentication methods for the necessary verifications in the process we carefully designed for the security of our customers. After the identity check, we will perform vitality tests while matching the customer’s selfie image with the biometric photo on the ID card to confirm that the person performing the transaction actually has an identity card. In addition to NFC and biometric controls, we aim to complete our process, which will be supported by video calls with our customers by our employees who have received special security training, with a safe, fast, practical and the best customer experience. It is an important step for the banking sector to be able to make those who want to become Akbank employees from anywhere, within minutes, without having to come to our branches. We foresee that it will create very important changes, we are ready to welcome millions ”.

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