23 July 2021
AKSUNGUR scored for the first time successfully hit

AKSUNGUR scored for the first time successfully hit

Turkish defense industry Another important step has been taken for Turkey’s F-16used in the KGK (Winged Guidance Kit) TUSAŞdouble engine developed by AKSUNGUR SİHAexpelled from.

Defense Industry President İsmail DemirHe stated on his Twitter account that the SİHAs were getting stronger with new ammunition test shots. Stating that we continue on our way with determination, İsmail Demir said, “Our armaments are getting stronger with new ammunition test firings. AKSUNGUR SİHAweighing 340 kg for the first time KGK-SİHA-82 successfully hit the target at a range of 30 km. ” found in the description. Congratulated TAI and TUBITAK SAGE.

AKSUNGUR SİHA with high payload capacity

24 Nisan’da US President Biden‘in 1915 Tehciri’ini genocide The relations between the two countries, especially defense industry relationsis expected to get worse. U.S., Turkey, as in the past days after their official sanctions CATSA F-35 had announced that he was removed from the program.

ABD, Patriot The air defense system, the Javelin missile system as simple up arms to Turkey not selling. Moreover, it has put serious restrictions on even subsystem-based supplies. For these reasons TurkeyIt is essential for ‘to be self-sufficient in the field of defense. AKSUNGURIt is important that AKINCI and AKINCI carry almost all of the ammunition carried by the F-16s in terms of reducing the dependence on aircraft.

AKSUNGURLast year, it successfully fired TEBER-82, a laser guidance kit integrated to increase the ability to hit MK-81 and MK-82 general purpose bombs. AKSUNGUR‘a 30 kilometers he throws with a deviation of 2.5 meters to the range KGK-SİHA-82 ammunition 45 kilometers It is expected to reach the range. Thus, it will be possible to shoot without getting too close to the enemy air defense systems during operations.

Capable of performing naval patrol, reconnaissance, assault, signal intelligence missions AKSUNGURalso draws attention with the other opportunities and capabilities it possesses. Developed by TAI with local means and started mass production, AKSUNGUR had previously achieved significant success by staying in the air for 28 hours with 12 MAM-L and 49 hours without ammunition.

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