30 July 2021
Alarming statement for Intel's CEO chip crisis

Alarming statement for Intel’s CEO chip crisis

Intel’s top manager Pat Gelsingerbelieves that the global chip shortage that the world is currently struggling with could potentially last a few more years. The manager of the company 2 years thinks it will get longer.

In his statement during the latest earnings report, the CEO made a statement about the chip crisis that swept the world. “This is a very important year for Intel,” said Pat Gelsinger after the company recorded a weaker quarterly earnings.

CEO spoke during the last earnings report

Gelsinger stated that supply constraints, which have already affected various industries around the world, will continue until additional capacities are built. The CEO also thinks these new capacities will alleviate chip shortages and help supply meet demand.

The chips made at the same time, car and consumer electronics It is also predicted that it will alleviate the impact that affects its products. “It will take some time for people to demonstrate more capacity,” Pat said in an interview.

The global famine has already disrupted production in many industries, which has led to a halt in automobile production and even some household appliances. Recently, US President Joe Biden has teamed up with various tech giants and semiconductor-based companies to solve the problem, and even for the semiconductor industry 50 billion dollars committed.

According to Gelsinger, “The investment needed on the scale required is enormous.” Pat also promised to have some production capacity to help alleviate the sawdust shortage.

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