28 July 2021
Amazon's Lord of the Rings game has been shelved

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings game has been shelved

Amazon developed by and planned to be released in the near future. Lord of the Rings Bad news came from the (Lord of the Rings) video game. Game, Amazon and Tencent megacorps was put on the shelf due to a dispute in the contract between them.

The cancellation of the Lord of the Rings project is based on leakage

Amazon Game Studios’un Tencent’in Leyou Developed with Technologies Lord of the Rings‘e have MMO The game project was reportedly suspended due to a contract dispute between the two companies. The development that caused the conflict MMO It was stated that detailed license documents about the game were leaked to the internet at the end of last year.


GamesRadarAccording to the news of the leaked information, while it is stated that there are drafts containing the changes made on the game, detailed plans and game information, the project also 11 January 2021It was included in the leak that it should be completed until.

About the subject BloombergAn Amazon spokesperson also spoke to Tencent’in After buying Leyou LOTR He said that he could not provide sufficient conditions to continue his title. The spokesperson also said, “Lord of the Rings’in we love its name and its world. “We are very disappointed that we cannot offer this game to our customers.”

In recent years Monolith Production’un Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ve Middle-earth: Shadow of Warincluding many Lord of the Rings license appeared. JRR TolkienThe next game that will take place in the fantasy world of is expected to be released this year and Daedalic Entertainment’ın out of hand The Lord of the Rings: Gollum it will be.

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