18 April 2021
AMD surprise for Surface 4 Laptop from Microsoft

AMD surprise for Surface 4 Laptop from Microsoft

As it is known, Microsoft, since 2019 AMD You can configure with the processor Surface Laptop 3It offers a 15-inch version of. Now, according to the information revealed, the company will offer the same option to those who want the 13.5-inch model.

Windows Central detected by and WinFuture According to a report published by Microsoft, Surface Laptop 4 will be released in April and both 13.5 inch him the 15 inches in models AMD and Intel will present with processor alternatives.

Surface Laptop 4 targets wider user base

Of the company Ryzen 5 4680U and Ryzen 7 4980U‘now “Surface Edition” It is reported that it will offer variants. This situation is currently Surface Laptop 3 available with 3580U and 3780U It is considered as a positive development compared to its processors.

Meanwhile, those who want an Intel processor, both are Intel’s latest 11. nesil Tiger Lake from series Core i5 1145G7 and Core i7 1185G7 be able to choose between.

Also, the Surface Laptop 4 32GB RAM or 1TB The only way you can configure it with internal storage seems to be to buy one of the Intel models. Because with AMD variants maximum 16GB RAM and 512 GB storage space available.

Finally, the new Surface is not expected to receive any other upgrade. According to the features sheet shared by WinFuture, both models are available 2256 x 1504 and 2496 x 1664 resolution screens and will have the same ports.

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