23 July 2021
Among Us reveals its future plans

Among Us reveals its future plans

After a long wait Among Us last map of Airship can be downloaded from today. However, the developer InnerslothThe biggest update released for the game to date is also offered to players. The update package includes a permanent account system and an extensive new hat collection.

It is also stated that there are even bigger changes planned for the future in the studio. Innerslotha detailed description of the update released today. blog in your post, to the game 15 players He talks about the future of lobbies and a renewed design.

Among Us will soon publish new roadmap

Innersloth artist Marcus Bvisual assets to clear the lines and facilitate the animation process, about the design that is described to change, “completely” He said we will update. Also the studio’s community director Victoria Tran if “We can’t expect you to see this soon” made the statement.

Innersloth promised to share a more detailed roadmap in the future and do a better job of letting the community know what’s going on in the studio.

Also, with new hires, the company expects that future updates will not take long to be delivered. Airshipfrom today PC, iOS, Note that you can download it to Android and Nintendo Switch.

The free map update includes;

– 4th map, the biggest ever

– New missions including gem polishing, wow fun and more

– Ability to choose the room where you start

– New areas to explore (or kill)

– Enhanced mobility with ladders and moving platforms

– New free hats including heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, rubber gloves and more

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