14 April 2021
Among Us winked at the voice chat feature

Among Us winked at the voice chat feature

InnerSloth LLC developed by Among Us game voice chat feature He excited his fans. This feature has not been officially announced yet. However, in a speech they made on Twitter, the game developers new communication options are on the way hinted.

Until recently, a little known indie game Among Us, which spread its name to a wide audience with the pandemic period, continues to develop with new updates. The 2021.2.21 update released two days ago consists of a series of ready responses to the game. Quickchat called quick chat feature had earned. This allowed players to communicate instantly and make faster choices. However, a news that has emerged now gave hints that developers are communicatively working on different tools.

Among Us may soon receive voice chat support

Many players popular party game While playing Among Us, he also communicates with his game mates on Discord. In this way, the door is opened to a more enjoyable playing experience in communication with each other. While third-party chat apps can work when playing with friends, sadly, they don’t work when paired with a random group.

This is because it is yet to be officially published by Among Us. in-game voice chat system It is due to the fact that it cannot be found. For now, in the game only a text-based communication possible. However, it is estimated that new options may be added to this very soon.

Recently Among Us shared its new update announcement on Twitter. A follower then asked the following question:Are you considering adding a function that allows us to perform voice chat while gaming?This question was unexpectedly answered by the developers.

Via Among Us’s official account “Sorry, we don’t have a voice chat feature yet. But we know people want it,” in the description was found. The smile at the end of the statement made us think that this feature might have begun to be tested, at least talked about and approved.

Possible future voice chat capability will provide Among Us players a healthier gaming experience. Especially those who cannot easily take advantage of Discord mobile gamers and Nintendo Switch In this way, users will be able to comfortably keep in touch with their group friends.

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