30 July 2021
An explanation came from Paribu about the Thodex emphasis

An explanation came from Paribu about the Thodex emphasis

Thodex profiteering Then, while the concerns about the crypto money market peaked, a statement came from Paribu, one of the important players in the sector. Paribu, which has 3.4 million users, stated that they have been in contact with state institutions for a long time regarding regulations protecting the rights of investors. The statement drew attention to the emphasis that investors’ assets are under guarantee.

Crypto money assurance from Paribu

Thodex accent post- Vebitcoin crypto money The stock market’s decision to close also worried crypto money investors. Distrust, especially in local stock markets and brokerage houses, also mobilized Paribu.

In a statement to Pariba, Turkey’s largest crypto currency exchange He emphasized that he was following the developments.

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Judging by Paribu’s explanation, Capital Markets Board (CMB) COOK and the central bankprepared by cryptocurrency market regulation He supports his draft in Paribu. Crypto currency exchange The statement gave assurance to its users.

Accordingly, all TL and crypto assets of users are under guarantee according to internal audit procedures. Again these beings Paribu stock exchange by in trusted cold wallets.

Cold wallets One of the best solutions to offline and hacking danger. A trusted cold wallet can only be entered by entering a specific code.

The exchange will also be audited by an independent institution. With this process, Paribu will be subject to an audit covering user assets and capital adequacy issues. The organization later announced that it will publish the results and reports of this audit.

Crypto money regulation is on the way

Thodex accent after the closure of the stock market and the CEO’s flight abroad, Central Bank Governor and Presidential advisor just recently cryptocurrency regulation made an explanation about.

the central bank, SPKand COOK It is a matter of curiosity how to make an arrangement by Central Bank Governor Şahap KavcıoğluIn his statement, he gave a date. Accordingly, the cryptocurrency regulation has been pulled forward and will take effect within two weeks.

President Kavcıoğlu stated, crypto money with of the payment also announced that it was not banned. Accordingly, for now, the ban came to crypto money spending with brokerage houses.

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