30 July 2021
An explanation came from Thodex: "We will make the payments"

An explanation came from Thodex: “We will make the payments”

Turkey’s third largest crypto currency exchange Thodex does not fall off the agenda! Latest development on the stock market, owner of the company Faruk Fatih Ozer‘s personal Instagram account and the announcement text shared on the company’s social media profiles. 2 billion dollar cryptocurrency highlight There was a flash development regarding the company, which was alleged to have escaped abroad.

Faruk Fatih Özer denies the allegations

The company Thodex, which broke its silence regarding the allegations, published a long statement on its Twitter account with the “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT” note.

Thodex’s CEO Faruk Fatih Özer shared the same letter on his personal Instagram account. Özer, who has deleted all posts in his account as of yesterday, is currently keeping only the following text on his profile:

“The need to inform the public and dear users who use our Thodex Platform has arisen regarding the period we have lived.

First of all I want to indicate; publicly, my company is Koineks Teknolojileri A. Ş. and many of the claims made about the Thodex platform it owns are unfounded.

Thodex platform, where nearly 700 thousand users have been trading, has not victimized anyone so far and will not do so anymore. As a result of the cyber attack against our company in 2018, 25.000.000,00 TL loss Without reflecting on any of our users, our company tolerated it with its own means and made serious infrastructure system changes in order not to experience a cyber attack again.

Considering both the financial structure of the company and the number of users, it attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign investors, and received very serious partnership offers at the international level. About for 3 months When the financial and digital data were examined together during the ongoing partnership negotiations, it was determined that there was an abnormal fluctuation in the company accounts as of last week. Thodex Platform has been temporarily closed to determine the reasons and sources of this. While our company technical team is doing this research, I personally want to make final meetings with foreign investors. 19.04.2021 I have been abroad on the date of.

In the examination of company accounts, it was determined that the cyber attack incident continued and the correct data of some account holders could not be reached.

Reflected to the public on 22.04.2021 and 391 bin about the person 2 billion USD The allegations that I disappeared after being damaged are unfounded. It is necessary to make this statement in order to respond urgently to these claims that go beyond the limits of honesty and conscience.

Firstly; According to our first determinations Only around 30 thousand of our 700 thousand users There is a suspicious situation and the equivalent of the bank entrance fees of these people on the platform are available in the company accounts. In this respect; I first announce to the public that no users will be victims.

Also; by introducing themselves as experts, some people have access to the public through social media and media outlets. 2 billion USD It is not acceptable to create a perception with an amount that does not fit the mind, logic and calculation. For; Leave your transaction volume of Thodex crypto currency’s trading volume platforms in all of Turkey is not at this level.

Thus; Our company’s records were before COOK, SPK, Ministry of Treasury and Finance has been submitted to the information of such institutions and it is confirmed by the records of the relevant institutions that there is no irregularity.

This process has turned into a slander campaign with inaccurate and exaggerated discourses and causes harm to both users and myself. For; according to our determinations 30 bin Payments will be made after the accounts of the near user are clear. As of today, its market value is approx. 40 million USD While our company is able to continue its commercial life, as a result of the perception of victimization created in the public, our company is prevented from continuing its commercial life.

The important thing I ask dear users is that the statements not made by our company are not respected. We personally are making the return to Turkey in a few days in cooperation with judicial authorities led to the emergence of real and I declare I will do my best to make every effort to prevent the victimization of users. I would like to be known strongly that; I accept that even such an idea is attributed to me as a cruelty, as I have never had an activity that would harm my state or nation in any period of my life.

In this way; I kindly submit to the public’s knowledge that the smear campaign against both myself and my company should not be respected.

Faruk Fatih Özer ”

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