4 August 2021
Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is out!  Here's what's new

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is out! Here’s what’s new

Technology giant Google released the third developer version of Android 12 as planned today. As the company goes to beta tests, Android 12 Developer Preview 3 With the developer version is now closer to the final.

According to Google’s road map Beta tests will begin next month. Therefore Developer Preview 3 version will also be the last update for developers. Thus, other companies will test the innovations of Android 12 on their devices.

Step by step to Android 12 Beta

Approaching the Google Beta phase; He said developers should be prepared to test compatibility in their own applications. Briefly, he drew attention to the preparation of applications according to the new operating system.

According to the plans, the Beta phase of the new operating system will be completed next August and will now be stable. In short, the company will make the new operating system available to everyone in this process.

Android 12

Android 12 roadmap

Developer Preview 3 If we talk about the update, this version brings a few new features and optimizations. For example developers; It is possible for them to experience new haptic feedback in their apps and on the apps start screen

This is for both users and developers, Developer Preview 3may be the most prominent feature in. It is obvious that it is similar to Apple’s Force Touch in terms of operation.

On the other hand, Android 12 DP3 offers a new call template that allows users to manage incoming and ongoing calls more easily. This innovation brought by Google; It can be used in search application and chat applications. It is also possible to customize it with color and other settings.

Another change that comes with the new version is related to video encodings. With the latest developer release of the company, new APIs for high resolution cameras have arrived.

You can currently use Android 12 Developer Preview 3 on phones with Google Pixel 3 and above. You can download the new update manually from the developer’s site or via OTA.

However, it is worth remembering once again that phones other than Pixel will not be able to experience this version. For third-party manufacturers, the new operating system will begin to be available in beta starting next month.

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