23 July 2021
Another first from Mars helicopter Ingenuity

Another first from Mars helicopter Ingenuity

Mars helikopteri Ingenuityblazed a trail yet again. The first vehicle that took off outside the world before, Mars helicopters two new from the planet photo sent. Recently, NASA, which produces oxygen on Mars, shared the photos on its site.

Ingenuity says hello from Mars with the photos he took

NASA, Mars mission continues to mark important firsts with. A short while ago Perseverance the space agency, which produces oxygen with its vehicle, is now Ingenuity took two new photos with. The importance of these photos is Ingenuity taken by first color photo to be.

NASA, Mars helicopters aims to photograph the undiscovered areas of the planet Mars. The Perseverance vehicle will send this helicopter to areas it cannot reach or reach and take photos. This is the first post color photo is the first attempt of this task.

Ingenuity Mars HelikopteriCaptured the Martian surface with its colored camera in its second successful flight test, which took place on April 22, 2021. This took place during the photo shoot while the helicopter was 5.2 meters high. The first historical flight trial of the helicopter took place on April 19.

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First and second photograph from left to right taken by the Ingenuity helicopter

Ingenuity this first shot by color photoAlso showed how useful it is for NASA to photograph the Martian surface from the sky. Photos taken by Rover have limited field of view Ingenuitymakes the images that will be taken from the top much more important.

In the photo, on the surface of Mars Perseverance it is possible to see the wheel tracks of the vehicle. Again in the first photo Mars helikopteri IngenuityParts of are visible. In both photos, Mars helicopters revealing the red surface of the planet.

Ingenuity and its features

NASA, Ingenuity for so far 85 million dollars spent. Mars’ atmosphere relative to the Earth’s atmosphere 90 percent Because it is less dense, the panels in Ingenuity rotate faster than helicopters on earth.

This rotation speed is per minute 2300 with 2900 is taking place between. Also the helicopter is only To a weight of 1.8 kg owner. However, only 1/3 of the energy supplied from the panels is used for flight. Because it is necessary to keep the circuits warm in the cold Mars. 2/3 of the energy is used for this heating process.

Mars helicoptershas a high resolution color camera positioned 22 degrees below the horizon. On this camera 4208 x 3280 pixels Includes sensor with resolution.

NASA for the Mars manned mission Perseverance plans to do important work with the red planet. One of them is oxygen production, which can only be found in science fiction movies.

Thus, NASA is trying to enable people to live on Mars. As you know, Elon Musk has crazy thoughts like throwing nuclear bombs to create atmosphere on the planet. Again scientists To the surface of mars It also works for a virtual atmosphere that will block the incoming sun rays.

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