4 August 2021
Apple AirTag introduced!  Here are the specs and price Turkey

Apple AirTag introduced! Here are the specs and price Turkey

Apple, Spring Loaded introduced the long-awaited new accessory at its spring launch. Featuring a small keychain design AirTag interesting features owner.

Apple AirTag features and price

Apple Find My It will work integrated with the application AirTagcan be placed on any item you want to keep track of. You can attach this tracking device to your bags, key holders and other valuables.

AirTagthe emergence of iPhone 11 comes with Of the U1 chip also removed its mystery. This chip working with Ultra Wideband technology (UWB) AirTag will be in constant communication with. Tracking device also compass and accelerometer Using this technology together with such sensors, it has the feature of precise location.

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Apple tracker, to pinpoint the position of the object precisely From UWB technology benefited. UWB, which is referred to as Ultra Wideband Technology in our language, uses radio waves for location detection.

AirTag, iPhone 11 and communicating with iPhone 12 U1 chip it will warn if the tracked object moves. Siri attend tracking device with support, Bluetooth LE also has the support. Bluetooth LEis a Bluetooth technology that consumes less energy than we encounter in the bands used for health. The device, which also has a speaker inside, can give an audible signal to the user.

The device that comes with a removable battery, To IP67 certificate owner. Thus, the tracker provides protection against immersion and dust between 15 cm and 1 m. Apple will offer the device, which comes with stylish carrying accessories, with customizable covers.

Apple has announced that the battery of the device will last for 1 year. Powered by a battery such as a clock battery tracking device In this sense, it will not cost its users any extra costs. Again, when the battery of the device is about to run out, your phone or tablet will warn you.

AirTag specifications:

Tracking chip: Apple U1 with UWC

Links: Bluetooth LE, NFC

Sensors: Accelerometer

Battery: Standard battery (1 year life)

Extra features: IP67 waterproof, personalization, Siri support, voice prompt

Contained in the device U1 chip first time iPhone 11 appeared in the model. Thanks to this chip AirTag precise geolocation feature only iPhone 11 and 12 series will work with. To use this tracker, you must first iOS 14.5 You need the version. Although Apple cannot offer the exact location feature to all models, it provides the support of the tracking device to many older models.

Apple AirTag at least the first series for iPhone SE or iPhone 6SYou must have. Apart from that, the tracking device, iPod Touch (7th Generation), iPad OS version 14.5 and has it iPad Pro; iPad (5th generation and above), iPad Air 2 or a newer iPad Air model .; again iPad mini 4 or a newer iPad mini can be used with the model.

Turkey was also a certain price for airtag

Apple Announced at launch AirTag price was $ 29. This new Apple will be available as of Friday. Apple, AirTag quad pack price if $ 99 happened. Apple Store Türkiye‘from, Turkey airtag price also explained.

Single package accordingly 299 TL, Package of 4 if 999 TL has the price. The tracker also has expensive keychain accessories. In addition, it does not have a handle that allows the device to be carried or attached to the key ring, except for the keychains sold.

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AirTag Loop key chain 329 TL It has a price and has the colors white, yellow, red and dark blue. If the leather version of the same keychain model 449 TL in the price. The colors of this model are brown and red.

Hermes key chain is made of leather and has a much more elegant look. The price of the luxury keychain 3 thousand 499 TL on such a pale level. Again Hermes suitcase label if 4 thousand 499 TL has the price. If the bag accessory is 2 thousand 999 TL in the price. Apple, Hermes keychain and bag accessory in dark blue, orange and brown. Hermes suitcase label only has brown color option.

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