30 July 2021
Apple at the top of the smartphone market once again

Apple at the top of the smartphone market once again

Technology giant Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi leaving behind big companies like largest smartphone manufacturer came to the position. The company had the last success to achieve this title in 2016.

Apple surpasses its competitors in the smartphone market

Affecting the whole world coronavirus While the outbreak caused economic difficulties around the world, many consumers delayed purchases because they did not need a new device. Global phone sales after this contraction in 2020 It was in decline. Christmas The shopping spree brought about by the period could not prevent this decline and 5 percent‘it caused a decrease. Quarantine conditions also caused retailers to close their doors, while negatively affecting the production of new phones.

Apple-smart-phone-once-on-top of the market

However, although it is a difficult period for manufacturers, iPhone Thanks to the demand for 12, Apple was able to grow its share in the 4th quarter. Senior research director of research firm Gartner Anshul Gupta in his statement ”More 5G The sale of the smartphone and lower mid-range smartphones minimized the market drop in the fourth quarter of 2020. While consumers were careful about their spending, some of them went to buy smartphones that were newly released in the last quarter ”.

At the end of the research, in this period Apple’s strong brand loyalty and their latest phones 5G connecting the company 79,8 It was stated that it took him to a million. Also this profit is a percentage 14.9’luk while following a growth rate, 20.8’lik gained extra market share. This data is also Apple’s 2016 has made it the world’s largest supplier of telephones for the first time since.

Apple percent sales in the last quarter 33,9 increasingly 43,4 making a million profit Xiaomi followed. Chinese Although the company recorded record growth, it could not surpass Samsung. Korean electronics giant, in its sales 11.8 percent with a fall 61.1 million Although it generated revenue, it maintained its second place.

Source: TechRadar

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