1 August 2021
Apple Car explanation by Tim Cook: Driverless car

Apple Car explanation by Tim Cook: Driverless car

Apple CEO’s Tim Cookmade important statements about the future of the company in an interview. In conversation driverless car and To AR technology Mentioning the CEO, the successive Apple Car He also responded to his allegations.

Tim Cook’s devious response to driverless Apple Car claims

Apple CEO’s Tim Cook, New York TimesIn the interview he gave to, he shared important information about the future of the brand. Cook AppleĀ  Car He gave a devious answer to a question about him. According to the CEO, the leading company likes to offer hardware, software and related services in an integrated way.

The CEO describes this situation as magical, which enables the user experience to be maximized. According to this Apple‘s main goal is to have the primary technology for this experience in every sector it enters.

Unfortunately Tim Cook is in this interview Apple Car did not directly address the subject. On the other hand, Cook said in the interview, driverless car and emphasized that autonomous technologies are the core technology of the future.

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Apple car design has not yet emerged. This visual we use is also a representative design.

Cook thinks that autonomy will make much more sense, especially when combined with robot technology. But Tim CookReminded that Apple has been working on too many projects and could not bring them all to life. This is also Apple Car it is interpreted as a sign that the project is still in the phase of maturing.

The report released by Reuters at the end of 2020 is Apple Car He was giving the project details for him. According to this report driverless Apple car Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry is on the agenda.

Apple Analysts Ming Chi Kuo if He thinks that the project will be implemented in 2025. Apple has not denied any of these allegations so far. In fact, it was revealed with the statement made by Hyundai that the company worked with Kia and Hyundai for the car.

Apple Car project Although it sounds like new, in fact, claims about the project have been around for about three years. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook In 2017 Apple Car He even announced that a special artificial intelligence was prepared for Despite all this, the allegations about the project have come to light in recent months, making even the evasive answers in Cook’s last interview important.

Tim CookAlthough it does not directly respond to automobile claims AR technologies gave more explanatory information about. Accordingly, Cook believes that AR technology creates new opportunities for health, education, gaming and retail. Cook explained that he saw the rise of smartphones, especially in the AR trend. As you know Apple, AR game and has started to pay much attention to applications in recent years.

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