4 August 2021
Apple extended payments from education apps

Apple extended payments from education apps

Apple, using for educational and group activities iOS once again extends the deferral transactions for their applications announced. Company, 30 June 2021 the current date is six months further, 31 December 2021threw to.

Apple extended its decision not to receive payments from education apps for another six months, citing the ongoing epidemic. Decision extended to 31 December 2021 GoogleFocusing on whether there is a monopoly on app stores with antitrust It is also wondering whether it has anything to do with their investigations.

Apple demands 30 percent payment from apps

In general, the company uses the applications in its store. 30 percent demands payment at the rate. However, not every company can generate enough revenue to pay this percentage. Apple The same in-app purchase terms cannot be applied to education applications exactly, so applications that benefit from other payment methods completely get rid of the interruption.


on the other hand Apple, Prime Video It has been criticized for running exclusive deals for large companies like Amazon, where subscriptions sold on its app cost only 15 percent. Amazon Apple in January 2021, following the emergence of the agreement with App Store launched a small business program for. Developers here earning less than $ 1 million in sales each year, Apple‘s commission on purchases percent 15to be able to apply to reduce it to.

Besides, the firm is now podcast decided to start their subscription. Subscription per year $ 19.99 plus each subscriber can participate by paying 30 percent of the first year’s income, then 15 percent for the following years podcast launching subscriptions.

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