1 August 2021
Apple is at the top of its artificial intelligence investment!  Siri detail

Apple is at the top of its artificial intelligence investment! Siri detail

Apple, in artificial intelligence technology (AI) It has made an important breakthrough in the last five years. According to a study, artificial intelligence investments made by companies in 2020 appeared as a list. Apple was at the top of this list. The technology giant’s purchases related to Siri drew attention.

Apple tries to catch up with its competitors in artificial intelligence

Apart from Apple, there are four companies that invest in artificial intelligence in the list of five. It was also noteworthy that Amazon could not take place among competitors consisting of Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

According to GlobalData research, Apple has acquired 25 AI companies in the last five years. In the second place, an Irish surprise company named Accenture attracted attention with 17 purchases. Google ranked in the top five with 14 purchases, Microsoft 12, and Facebook 9 purchases on the list.

Apple uses AI for Siri

Apple is at the top of many areas in the technology world. However, the company lagged behind Google and Amazon in artificial intelligence.

Using artificial intelligence effectively in the personal assistant market, Google and Amazon have mobilized Apple. In particular, purchases made in recent years target artificial intelligence developments for Siri.

GlobalData’s Senior Analyst, Nicklas Nilsson, highlighted Apple investments in the research results. Inductiv, acquired by Apple in 2020, is one of these companies. The firm specialized in machine learning. Apple bought this company to improve Siri data.

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The Irish voice technology company Voysis, which Apple acquired in 2020, is used to improve Siri’s natural language understanding. Accordingly, Voysis was doing sound analysis research with artificial intelligence technology. Apple aims to make it easier for iOS developers (Developer) to use Siri with PullString, which it purchased in 2019.

These five companies are constantly opening new positions in artificial intelligence technology recruitment. Accordingly, five companies published more than 14 thousand AI-based job postings throughout 2020.

In recent years, the importance of artificial intelligence has increased in important issues such as processing big data, machine-to-machine communication and data security. In this sense, it is no surprise that the four major companies that direct technology today are at the top of this list.

Listed, Irish Accenture PLC Accenture PLC is a global management consulting firm providing strategy, consulting, digital technology and operations services.

The company is on the Forbes 500 list, which includes the world’s largest 500 companies. It is also a matter of curiosity what kind of infrastructure the company has created with its artificial intelligence technology investments.

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