30 July 2021
Apple is working on two new accessories

Apple is working on two new accessories

Apple, two new accessories working on it. One of them is Apple TV HomePod ve kamera combines with. If the other accessory is smart speaker with display It is defined as. The American manufacturer is fully committed to the production of two accessories. in which position is unknown. However, both devices under development Since there is a possibility that the plans may change.

Apple with two new products Amazon and Googleplans to be a rival to.

Apple, iPad and HomePod mix working on two new accessories

The first accessory developed with a variety of skills TV oriented a product. The product developed is supported by Apple TV. to games and videos expected to gain access. Your Accessory soundbar will be shaped and a built-in speaker It is stated that it will host. So the accessory is with the voice assistant Siri remote play It will support some HomePod features such as. Finally, your accessory is also to camera support It is stated that it will have. With this new accessory video call will be able to do.

The second accessory is being rolled out to compete with Amazon and Google. Of this accessory iPad and HomePod It is stated that it will be the combination. This accessory is like any other accessory developed for Apple TV video chat feature able to present. However, all of these operations are carried out not through a TV. own screen will do with.

The source of all these leaks BloombergNotes that Apple merged the HomePod and Apple TV engineering groups in 2020.

For Apple TV since 2017 hardware update not done. Therefore, recently for Apple TV hardware update the future is stated. A code discovered in recent leaks, 120 Hz refresh rate support will be offered for. Also, Apple is more affordable HomePod Mini stopped the production of HomePod for.

Which Apple accessories are you using?

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