23 July 2021
Apple officially complies with Russia's domestic software requirement

Apple officially complies with Russia’s domestic software requirement

Thanks to the new law, Apple is now Rus It has to offer native apps to iPhone users during installation. MacRumorsAccording to the news of In Russia purchased iPhone’lar It shows a list of initially Russian-made practices, thanks to a new law enacted today.

The new update is part of the standard iPhone setup process and the user Location Services or To Application Analysis It is stated that it appears after selecting other options such as allow.

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Apple passed the law last month

Before the list with a dozen apps is shown, users can “Continue to view available applications for download, in accordance with Russian legal requirements” meets a warning text of the form.

Various Yandex applications among the many applications on the list, Mail.ruan email application from, OK Live There is a video live streaming service called and the popular Russian social network VK.

New regulation first 2019It comes in response to a law enacted in India that requires manufacturers to pre-install Russian-made software on devices sold in the country. Last month after this arrangement Applehas agreed to comply with the law by offering users the option to initially install Russian-made apps.

Live smart phones, tablets, smart TV‘s, laptops and desktop computers covers.

According to Reuters, the law is part of Russia’s attempt to reduce its dependence on foreign companies as well as gain more control over the internet.

Reuters is also the most Yandex and Mail.ruHe states that he will benefit. However, a Russian official said in a statement last month that alternative apps will be included in this list if they are popular with users.

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