19 April 2021
Apple reopens its stores after a year

Apple reopens its stores after a year

Apple, ABD’deki 270 stores reopens it all. For the first time in almost a year, in the US 270 Apple His entire store will be opened. As you remember, Apple temporarily closed some retail outlets when the pandemic first occurred.

Within the scope of the company closure plan in the first place 27 Mart 2020He was planning to reopen his stores in. But pandemic As the situation progressed and the situation changed, Apple had to adapt to changing conditions.

Apple offers store-specific restrictions

Last year May In February, the company started to reopen most of its stores. However, it was not possible to visit every store after the recent shutdown in Texas. However, the situation changed again and the stores were opened to the public.

However, as 9to5Mac points out, there are still some restrictions on stores in many locations. For example, local shops offer face-to-face shopping only by appointment. Some stores in other states and cities are only express picking and Genius can be open to appointments. While responding to the updated health guidelines, Apple also points out that the situation may change at any time.

It is stated that this decision of Apple has no direct relationship with the Covid-19 cases in the USA.

Tim Cookabout a year ago, the company China announced that it would close all retail sales points except the mainland by the end of the month. At that time, Apple was the first to 1 Febyours ABDIt was developing the Covid-19 reduction strategy for the Chinese store network, which started to close before the coronavirus epidemic in.

On March 17, the company announced that it will keep all retail stores outside of China closed indefinitely, as Covid-19 cases are rapidly increasing worldwide.

In the following months, Apple was in a complicated situation as it adhered to local and state health codes, but also prioritized the safety of its own retail employees. In some cases, stores were opened with limited capacity and then closed again, while others remained closed for a long time.

Apple began implementing its official re-opening strategy in the US in early May, and this lasted for months from summer to autumn. Still, Apple has demonstrated its willingness to act quickly in responding to changing conditions. December 2020closed every store in California and London as the number of cases increased during the holidays.

Details Apple Store closure rates since last March in the US 9to5MacYou can take a look at an infographic of.

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