30 July 2021
Apple TV + series Mythic Quest returns with season two

Apple TV + series Mythic Quest returns with season two

Netflix’e rival Apple TV+, It continues to release its productions without slowing down. The company, which deals with famous directors, actors and producers, is doing its best to increase the popularity of the platform. The platform completed its first year last November. Now it is returning with new season productions. One of them Mythic Quest, With the second season, he appears before the audience.

Mythic Quest, a game development studio, Raven’s Banquet A comedy series that humorously describes the process he went through while working on a play named. Ubisoft’un benefiting from the consultancy, the series tells about the difficulties of game development and how the problems encountered are solved. Players who are curious about the game development process show a special interest in the series.

Mythic Quest, when is the second season?

After the highly acclaimed first season, the new season of the series was eagerly awaited. Mythic Quest, new season 7 Mart 2021 will take place on the platform on. The new season of the series, Raven’s Banquet After the season, who want to start a new game Ian and Poppy’nin, will tell his story. Series shot during the quarantine period, Covid-19 How will he add his process to the series? curiosity. A brief about the series on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel Trailer shared.


Firstly February 7, 2020 The series that appeared in history, the lead developer Ian and software Poppy He processed the conflicts between them. Having had a very entertaining season for the audience, the duo had differences of opinion almost throughout the season. However, the last episode resulted in the duo overcoming these problems and working in equal positions.

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