28 July 2021
Apple was scolded by the Senate!  Will send the administrator to the case

Apple was scolded by the Senate! Will send the administrator to the case

After several senators criticized the company Apple, He said that he would send a witness to the case to be held regarding the application stores. In the letter the company has published, it is stated that it has always aimed to participate in the case, but alternative dates He stated that he was looking.

Apple refused to participate in the case, according to senators

Apple said in a statement after the criticism from the senators that it would send the compliance manager to the hearing on April 21. Senate Judiciary Committee leaders Apple CEO on Friday Tim Cooka letter was sent to asking the company to send a representative to the hearing, but AppleHe said that he refused to participate in the case.


Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mike Lee, He underlined that the change in Apple’s refusal to testify before the committee about app store competition issues that the company has openly discussed in other public forums is unacceptable. Senators “Apple“We strongly encourage him to reconsider his position and provide a witness to give a timely testimony before the Subcommittee.”

However, Apple did in the statement He said he was surprised by the senators’ letter, that they intended to attend the hearing, but wanted a change in history. In the statement, “We deeply respect your role and process in these matters,” said the company. Kyle AndeerIt was stated that it would represent. Senator on the other hand Klouchbar, trial Apple and Googlesaid that it is using its powers to charge high fees and to impose restrictions that suppress competition in markets related to mobile apps. For this reason, he stated that it was necessary for both companies to attend the hearing.

Applied to developers 30 percent including fees App Store their applications are being scrutinized by the government. Finally, Fortnite publisher with Apple Epic Gamesof the cause of the struggle between 3 In may Let’s point out that it is planned to begin.

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