21 April 2021
Artifact 2.0 development terminated by Valve

Artifact 2.0 development terminated by Valve

Valve developed by and Dota which is a renewed version of the card game Of Atifact 2.0 It was announced by the company that its development was stopped. First released in 2018 with high anticipation Of Artifact then in March 2020 Artifact 2.0 had begun to be developed.

Artifact 2.0 will no longer be developed

Valve made by in the statement“While we have reasonably achieved and were satisfied with most of our game side goals, we have not been able to achieve a level that justifies improving active player numbers at the moment. Therefore, Artifact 2.0 Beta’da We made a difficult decision to stop the development ”expressions were used.


The players now Artifact Classic or Artifact Foundry called Artifact 2.0 will be able to download the beta version for free. However, there will be no further updates in either version. Valve also, “Technically Artifact Foundry It remains an unfinished product. But what’s missing is most of the artistic pieces, here’s the essential game. Both games will continue to be playable. However other we do not plan to post games “ said.

Artifact Classic’e the following changes will be made:

The game will be free for everyone to play. All players will receive each card for free, and purchasing packs will be eliminated. Paid players’ current cards will continue to be marketable Collector’s Edition’a will be converted. Marketplace integration will be removed from the game. Paid add-on newsletters will be removed. Customers who pay for the game for what they play Collector’s Edition will continue to win packs of cards. This opportunity will be closed to players who buy the game for free.

Artifact Foundry’de the following changes will be made:

Game It will be free for everyone to play, and players will have access to the cards by playing the game. All cards will be earned this way. No cards or packages will be sold or marketed.

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