19 April 2021
Asus blames NVIDIA for stock shortages

Asus blames NVIDIA for stock shortages

Both gaming enthusiasts and casual users are now display card can not buy. Experienced stock shortagescaused many video cards to run out. Sold cards prices has increased so much that many users what you spent unnecessarily started to think. While many claims are made on the subject Asusfor video card stocks It targeted NVIDIA.

Due to stock problems, both new and old cards could not be bought.

Asus targets NVIDIA for graphics card stocks

Experienced in graphics cards stock issueshas affected the whole world for a long time. Many people in this regard crypto miners as their main source accuses. However, the video card manufacturer Asus caused by a completely different reason stated.

The main source of the stock problem, according to Asus, of sufficient production lack of. The company is an investor who discusses this theory with its successes and failures in the fourth quarter. at his conference He put forward. The biggest issue faced by Asus and undoubtedly other GPU companies, On NVIDIA cards stock issue.

The problem for graphics card stocks multiple sources there is. However, Asus said, “Our guess is that the problem from faulty analysis made before production that it may have been caused. [Nvidia]It is difficult for us to predict when will increase this yield. ” made the explanation.

NVIDIA, much less than expected There are many theories about producing graphics cards. One of them is because the green team is waiting for crypto miners which deliberately restricts production towards. So NVIDIA, your total demand it can make it lower in the following months.

Another claim about graphics card stocks is Production shift to Samsung with Ampere series about. 8 nm to production last NVIDIA supplies from Samsung instead of TSMC.

Editorial opinion: One of the reasons NVIDIA chose Samsung is the TSMC’s the workload reduce. Perhaps NVIDIA predicted the stock issue and with Samsung will take a more stable road he guessed. But, Samsungsilicon wafers produced by It has lower efficiency compared to TSMC estimated. Coming out of a slab at this point if the number of chips decreases, producing more plates doesn’t have much of a joke either.

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