30 July 2021
Bad news for old Mac owners

Bad news for old Mac owners

New iMac Released with Magic Keyboard’gives Touch ID sensorAccording to Rene Ritchie and MacRumors report only M1 It will work with Macs with processors. Apple has already been built for a while Touch ID owner MacBook‘s launching. However, it will be available for the first time with an accessory.

Touch ID Will not work with any Intel based machine

According to this biometric The security method can be used to log into the device, confirm purchases, and log into some third-party apps.

Yeni Touch ID The keyboard has a compact layout and also a full-size design with the numeric keypad available. Old MacThe bad news for the owners of the new keyboards Touch ID function will not work with any Intel based machine.

According to the report, the keyboard itself will work, but only biometric security key will not work. Apple’s According to the information in the press release, the new keyboard is used to encrypt transmitted fingerprint information end-to-end. M1 in the processor Secure Enclave requires.

Touch ID keyboard is currently only new iMac although available on the device, MacRumors, Apple’s He states that he previously opened special accessories for general sale.

For example, 2017before in iMac Pro after limiting it to 2018for everyone to buy in gray keyboard, fare and started selling trackpads.

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