1 August 2021
Bad news for Warzone cheat users!  Spreading the virus

Bad news for Warzone cheat users! Spreading the virus

Activision, hackers Call of Duty: Warzone that they store malicious files for the cheat software they have developed for hile He explained that they were trying to spread it to those who did.

Activision warns Warzone cheat users

Activision shared by in the reporthackers Warzone He told his players that they were trying to get their players down to their stalls by having them download a fake cheat engine. Cheat engine After being run by the players, the malware infects the victim’s computer as requested by the hacker.


Stating that hackers often ask users to disable antivirus or other security software Activision, ‚ÄúThis is exactly what malware needs. “This way, the hackers are getting easier, not with complicated tactics, but by disabling a few security settings on the victim’s own system.”

It’s not new for players to download cheats to outwit rival players. In the statement Activision, Although the malware does not affect the user, it is most likely men He emphasized that those who cheat will never be successful for this reason. Company, Warzone’un since its launch 300 tie He announced in February that he was banning more fraudsters. To this number in March 13 a thousand more accounts have been added.

Aforementioned hack the only game that has trouble with its problems Call of Duty not. Earlier Valorant, Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox also offered bad surprises to players who downloaded cheats.

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