23 July 2021
Battlefield 6 comes with a free-to-play mode

Battlefield 6 comes with a free-to-play mode

Popular FPS (first person shooter) game Battlefield It comes up with a new production almost every year. However, this year’s developer of the production DICE and publisher Electronic ArtsA surprise is expected to the players. The next game in the popular series, allegedly Battlefield 6 It comes with a free to play mode.

Surveying for Battlefield 6

One YouTuber According to the information revealed by the developer company DICEis holding some closed polls for innovations in the upcoming game. In this way, the company measures the responses to the planned changes in the game. Some questions in the resulting survey, expected Battlefield 6 revealed some information about the game. Questions asked to players include map updates, access to paid content Battle Pass, a new clan system and free to play there is a mod.

Battlefield 6

Undoubtedly, the most striking survey question was the new free-to-play mode. Actually, this is not a very surprising decision. Because the biggest rival of the series Call of Duty, last year Warzone It appeared with a production named. Unlike the series that comes out almost every year Warzonea free one in Battle Royale experience was available. Therefore DICE and Electronic ArtsThe probability of offering a solution that rivals the popular game is quite high. However, for now, it is worth remembering that the free version is just a claim. The details of the game, which is still in development, are expected to be evident in the coming months.

Battlefield 6 probably SAYS THE is being developed by. The studio’s best-known work is Battlefield 4 had happened. Last year, this studio moved away from the main studio and underwent a rebranding process to broadcast its own plays. It is known that the Los Angeles team, which has been quiet for a while, is working on a new production of the series.

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