1 August 2021
Best GTA 5 locations to see without dying: 10 breathtaking routes

Best GTA 5 locations to see without dying: 10 breathtaking routes

Who enthroned the hearts Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) his game continues to remain popular. The game, which stands out among its rivals with a large player mass since the first days of its release, also draws attention with its location alternatives. We have prepared a recommendation for the best GTA 5 locations. Breathtaking views meet the players on these routes.

Here is the list:

1- Tataviam Mountains

Tataviam Mountains

Tataviam Mountains are among the best GTA 5 locations.

Among the top GTA 5 locations Tataviam Mountains stands out. The SaintsThe location between rural and urban areas of Turkey is in a high position. But this region Riverside County‘nin San Jacinto MountainsIt extends to. It is a very natural and beautiful location.

2- Tongva Hills

Tongva Hills

Tongva Hills is also among the must-see sights in the game.

There are many places in the game’s world that look good as the sun goes down. However, most of them Tongva HillsIt cannot compete with the beauty of the view in ‘. There are small streams and waterfalls scattered all over this region. In addition, the orange lights of the setting sun reflected on the surfaces create a great visual feast.

3- Vespucci Beach

Vespucci Beach

A must-see in GTA 5, Vespucci Beach stands out with the moment of sunset.

Another location where players can catch the sunset and do more than just enjoy the scenery: Vespucci Beach. The fact that the area is full of NPCs makes the environment look more alive. In addition to the beach view, there is also a huge Ferris Wheel. Thus, he prints his name on the list of must-see places.

4- Alamo Sea

Alamo Sea

Alamo Sea

At first sight GTA 5 The seas and oceans in your game may seem very ordinary. However, players who think that way are definitely The Alamo Sea those who have not seen. Sailing along the shores of this sea in a boat and flying on a slow-moving plane calms you down.

5- Paleto Forest

Paleto Forest

One of the wild regions in the game, the Paleto Forest is full of bears.

Paleto Foresthas a truly breathtaking view. What makes the view pleasant is the flying pollen. It is also a wild woodland. This place forces players to enter the action mode from time to time. The reason for this is that the forest is full of bears. You should definitely see the Pleto Forest among the best GTA 5 locations.

6- Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay, which will hypnotize the players with its scenery in the game, is one of the best points that reflect America.

Small Paleto Bay town greets the actors with its hypnotizing scenery. One of the best locations to discover in the game. This town Fillmorebased on the real life space of. Also, the small town in Grand Theft Auto V is one of America’s finest depictions.

7- Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad

Chiliad Mountain, one of the legendary spots in the Grand Theft Auto game.

Mount Chiliad, Grand Theft Auto It is a legendary place in the series. He stood out quite prominently in the San Andreas game. However, its magnificent view also stands out in Grand Theft Auto V.

8- Mount Gordo

Gordo Mountain, among the best GTA 5 locations

Gordo Mountain, one of the best GTA 5 routes, draws attention with its chilling lighthouse view.

Gordo Mountainwith a supernatural view. Having a ghost in this location is definitely not the only reason people should explore this place. The abyss here is one of the elements that give the actors a visual feast. The lighthouse near this area is also worth seeing, although it looks eerie.

9- Banham Canyon

Banham Canyon

Banham Canyon

Of course, we cannot go without mentioning the incredibly designed canyons featured in the game. Banham Canyon, it is not just an area where you can descend and admire the views. At the same time, you can enjoy the view with your car from the winding roads in this region.

10- Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon, which we have included in the list of the best GTA 5 locations.

Raton CanyonThe serene beauty of is nowhere to be found. It has a visual richness with mountains, cliffs, rivers and streams that make it to the list of the best GTA 5 locations. Players watch sunset or sunrise in this location. Thus, he witnesses one of the most important moments.

This is our list. However, it should not be forgotten that the choice of the best location can vary depending on the person. You can write the locations you see as your favorite in GTA 5 in the comments.

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