30 July 2021
Beware of fake vaccine: Pfizer finds fake Covid-19 vaccines

Beware of fake vaccine: Pfizer finds fake Covid-19 vaccines

Coronavirus The recent development of the pandemic may prevent people from getting vaccinated properly. Pfizer, both Poland and also In mexico announced that it has detected fake Covid-19 vaccines.

Pfizer warns: ‘SGet vaccinated at certified healthcare providers’

The Wall Street Journal, in Mexico approx. To 80 people that the mock vaccine has been administered and that each of the doses $ 1,000 reported that it was sold. Fortunately, it is stated that those who have had fake vaccines have not been harmed yet.

Pfizer confirmed the report and CNETFinding a fake vaccine was expected, he told. The company said, “In such an environment, your e-commerce “We are aware that the ease, convenience and anonymity provided by the internet are fueled by the prevalence of vaccine fraud, counterfeiting and other illegal activities.”

Pfizer, forgery or illegal vaccine He says he has a former team of law enforcement and forensic experts working to help prevent threats such as sales.

It also warns the public not to shop for vaccines online. The company said, “A legitimate vaccine is not sold online. Get vaccinated only at official vaccination centers or certified healthcare providers. ” found in the description.

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